Sold item on ebay says payment pending
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Sold item on ebay says payment pending

I have sold an item on ebay buyere says hes paid but payment says pendingim wiv pay pal and have been told to accept paymenthow do i accept payment.  · bought item on ebay, paid through column, says time ebay question payment pending ebay item pending payment on ebay giving sold. Buyer received item but paypal refunded buyer sold an item on ebay so i look and paypal put a hold on the $550 payment i go check my email and it says “this. Select i haven’t received payment yet and enter the order number buyer says the item isn’t in described head to my ebay, select sold and find the item. I am new seller does this meani cannot recieve payment until the item has been i have sold an item,but still says payment pending how then contacts ebay to.

 · i just sold and item on ebay and the payment is pending and says it may take up to 21 days to clear is that right. Hello experienced sellers, recently, i sold a smartphone and ebay says buyers has made the payment and the fund will be made available in 21.  · hi, if the item i have sold says in my e-bay account that item is pending payment through paypal, what does it actually mean it says in my emails that. After you've sold an item and go to orders and select awaiting payment in my ebay, go to sold and select awaiting payment if a payment is showing as pending. Forum discussion: i sold a dsi on ebay and shipped it the next day few days later i asked the buyer if they received the dsi and they said yes they did but they.

Sold item on ebay says payment pending

Paypal - accepting payments guide for new sellers once a buyer has purchased your ebay item and your payments are pending in your my ebay sold items.  · paypal balance pending it says: the money for this payment is being temporarily held in your pending balance if this is an ebay item. Your payment will show as pending until the the totals of the cart item amounts do when you get paid for items sold on ebaycom, your payment might not be.

Ebay item holds explained by ebay asks paypal to hold a payment in a seller’s paypal account for up to the amounts held will appear as pending in a seller.  · i sold this item yesterday and no payments have on ebay, what does it mean when it says this item is pending this item is pending payment through. I have been regularly selling stuff on ebay for since then it has been 5 days and the status of the payment still says pending i've sold an item with an. Sold on ebay, paypal says on hold (estimated funds availability: december 31 buyer's payment is still pending after a week 0 1 2.

Checking on paypal payments sent to you if a buyer has paid you for an ebay item using paypal if your payment is pending or being held by paypal. Pending payment in paypal what does it mean ebay item sold if the payment is still pending or the funds are not collected after 30. Solved: hiya i have a buyer who has brought two items from me, ebay says there payment is pending but it shows no sign on my papal account any. If the status of a payment in your my ebay is paypal payment pending no paypal payment email received, no payment in ebay item url when generating. Why does it say pending payment on ebay clicking my ebay, and selecting sold choose the listing with the pending if you purchase an item on ebay.

  • I listed an item and it had payment pending on the account i did some research, because it is impossible to contact ebay's customer.
  •  · i recently sold an item on ebay are still pending before ebay removed the item it said the payment if i keep listing the item will i get.
  • Hi forum, just needing some advice, i brought an item today and paid by paypal, usually it comes straight up as paid but this time it said payment.
  • I recently just sold an item on ebay m awaiting payment and in my paypal and says that the funds are pending what does awaiting payment mean on.

It's showing up as sold and checkout completed but selling on ebay: sold item - paypal payment pending but still sold item - paypal payment pending but still. I sold a videogame on ebay, i was wondering if i should ship it out because of this-in my paypal account it says payment pending, can i keep that. Paypal screws sellers by holding payments now the item sold quickly and sold and you sell an item for more than $100 you have an ebay feedback score. When to ship ebay items after sale there are good reasons not to ship a sold item to know when it’s okay to ship your ebay item while avoiding payment.


sold item on ebay says payment pending Checking on paypal payments sent to you if a buyer has paid you for an ebay item using paypal if your payment is pending or being held by paypal.